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· By Phoebe Carpenter Eells

An Interview with Skagit County Superior Court Judge Candidate Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski

"As a judge, I will be courageous, and follow and apply the law fairly and equitably, even when that is not the easy or popular path."

"Como juez, seré valiente, y seguiré y aplicare la ley con igualdad y equitativamente, aun cuando no sea el camino más fácil o popular."

· By elSage HQ

Justice for Breonna Taylor & Elijah McClain

Justice for Breonna Taylor & Elijah McClain Write letters. This week the internet has been telling us that filters have been put in place to weed out the emails that we are sending asking for justice. You know what officials have to deal with? Actual mail. Send some letters or postcards to demand justice for Breonna Taylor and Elijah McCain. Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor  Learn more about Breonna's case by clicking >>> here Attorney General Daniel Cameron Office of the Attorney General700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118 Mayor Greg Fischer 527 W Jefferson Street #600Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Governor Andy Beshear...