elSage owners Phoebe & Jonathan Carpenter Eells standing at the 2021 Valley Made Market Holiday Show

elSage is in love with small business, creativity, and connection to community. Mixing block print and screen print techniques, Phoebe and Jonathan create unique apparel, accessories, and prints inspired by activism, art, and a sense of place. Deeply rooted in both social and environmental responsibility, elSage donates to social justice organizations fighting for equality, reproductive rights, democratic political candidates in key races, and environmental organizations.

When not covered in ink and surrounded by t-shirts, Phoebe and Jonathan can be found adventuring with their 3 kids, camping, drinking coffee, road tripping, or creating new passion projects like the Valley Made Market. They think life is an adventure, travel is essential, and that you should always follow your dreams.

Van Love II process video from elSage Designs on Vimeo.

Some home page photos and several photos throughout by James Van Salee,  Eber Rivera, Andrea (@laughclan), Lea Ciceraro of Love Me Simply, Emma of SIG Photography, and Sara of Sara Welch Photo Co.