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Family Art Show

Family Art Show

After being stuck in the house for days, are you running out of ideas to keep the family busy? We are here with a fun activity that will soon have the whole house getting creative! 

Getting Started

You get to be resourceful with what you have since there is no running out for supplies. Luckily, most people will have some form of art supplies tucked away in a cupboard or a drawer. Cereal boxes, wrapping paper, and paper sacks all work well as a canvas. Wood and fabric can be used as well.

Step 1: Start by setting an Art Show date and time. This allows everybody the chance to work on their projects up until the time of the show. Deadlines are a steady part of artist life- give the whole experience and make the activity feel extra special by setting an opening date and time.

Step 2: Gather the supplies: watercolor sets, pens and pencils, whatever paper or canvas, or other substrate you have, recycling cans and boxes, and/or the old camera and printer that’s been tucked away. Set out the materials you've found and let the creative process begin!

Is your daughter going to make her signature sunflower painting for the big event, or is she going to branch out and draw a portrait of her and Grandpa? Is Dad going to make a figurine out of the old aluminum in the recycling, or is he going to take artistic photos of the kids as they play in the yard? Use this time to get creative, this is not a graded project, it is only for fun!

Step 3: Decide what kind of event you want to make it. Do you want to make the art show a fancy experience complete with appetizers and sparkling cider? Or maybe you want to order a pizza and keep it casual. It’s up to you how you want to celebrate the main event. You can decide what would make it special for you. 


Step 4: Have each person write a description of their art piece. What medium(s) did they use? What inspired the piece/what is it? Who made it? 

Step 5: Now it is time to display the art! Do you have some old thumbtacks hanging around? Are you going to put the art up on the bare walls in the hallway, or will it be spread out in rows on the patio table? Is there a garage door that you could tape the pieces to? Find the place that makes the most sense for you. Make it as simple or as extravagant as you want. This is your show.

Step 6: Take pictures. You’ll want to remember this. Whether you’ve been in an art show before or if this is your first, you will always remember that day you and the family created something special together. You could also FaceTime with grandparents of go live on social media to share the experience and connect with others. Maybe your friends or family want to have their Art Show on the same day and everyone can Zoom the experience together?

Local and looking for supplies: Tri Dee Arts has kits available for preorder and pick up. Check out their online shop.

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