· By Phoebe Carpenter Eells

Resources for Small Businesses & Artists During COVID-19

We’re taking it day by day over here at elSage Designs. None of us had a pandemic factored into our business plan, and we know that you are getting hit hard during these uncertain times. We are too. 

We’ve been researching and brainstorming ways to galvanize our small business, indie maker, and artist community. One of those ideas is to share the best financial assistance/security resources we can find. We hope this list is helpful for you and your business!

Sending huge virtual hugs from our small business to yours.

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance This application is much more straightforward than the traditional SBA. It took us 20 minutes to complete. This is the application to be considered for the $10,000 grant funded by the CARES Act.

PPP Information This funding is accessed through a participating bank and is predominantly meant for payroll use. if used for payroll, rent, utilities, and/or mortgage interest the loan may be forgiven. Banner and Peoples Bank are both participating in the PPP.

Hello Alice Grant Hello Alice is offering $10,000 grants being distributed immediately to small business owners impacted by coronavirus.

Washington State Dept. of Commerce Grant A new Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant (WWSBEG) providing up to $10,000 to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak is now available, Gov. Jay Inslee announced April 7.


COVID-19 Business Resources in Washington State

A comprehensive list of resources, articles, and updates for Washington State businesses.

Unemployment Information 

Washington State has passed emergency measures to broaden availability of unemployment benefits in response to COVID-19. Part time employees and contractors (gig workers) may qualify for some unemployment benefits. Even if you are unsure if you qualify for benefits, you are encouraged to apply!

Tax Relief Information

Washington Department of Revenue is providing tax relief to businesses affected by COVID-19 in the form of extensions and waivers for late fees. 

Financial Resources for WA Residents Impacted by COVID-19

These resources are not necessarily business-specific, you could send this one to your friend or neighbor, too!

Faire: Impact Calculator for Retailers

Use this straightforward calculator to help you make business predictions amid COVID-19 (there are no spreadsheets involved here!)

Faire: Immediate Steps for Local Retailers During COVID-19

Faire does a great job of providing simple business tips (for your bank account and for your heart) during this uncertain time.


WA Dept. of Commerce Small Business Emergency Grant Program

Governor Jay Inslee has announced "up to $5 million of the Governor’s Strategic Reserve Funds will be made available as small grants to small businesses across the state". 

Artist Trust: COVID-19 Response & Recovery Resources

There are links to quite a few grant resources here. It’s worth clicking through them and finding those that apply to you.

Bumble Community Grant

Bumble Bizz is offering up to $5k in monetary support for small businesses affected by COVID-19. The application is simple: download the Bumble app and match with the Bumble Community Grants profile to get started.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook’s small biz grant program is for large cities. See if your location is on the list.


***Updated*** SBA Disaster Loan Assistance This application is much more straightforward than the traditional SBA. It took us 20 minutes to complete.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Microloan Program
 might be a good option if you don't need a large amount of capital to get through COVID-19. Microlenders (organizations separate from SBA) 
receive funds from SBA and use the funds to provide small business loans. Local SBA microlenders include Business Impact NW and MercyCorps Northwest.

SBA Lender Match can help you connect with various SBA-approved lenders, compare interest rates, and get started on a business loan. The Lender Match program may be able to get you funds faster and has a less-intense application process

For more SBA loan information, please reach out to the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County

Do you know of a resource we should add to this list? Please send it our way!

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Above photo by Sara Welch