· By Jadyn Holmgren

Face Masks: Shop or DIY!

2020 Necessity: Face Masks

We are in a new era with new messaging, wash your hands, social distance, stay home, don’t touch your face, clean surfaces regularly, and wear a face mask. Although not a typical part of our culture in the United States, wearing a face mask sounds like it will become the norm in public places, at least for the near future. If you're on the fence about facemarks or looking for more information about the logistics surrounding use check out this article.

We’re here to help you keep yourself and your family safe. We have compiled resources of different mask options featuring DIY Bandana masks, sewing patterns, and links to ours, and other local maker's shops who are selling ready to wear masks.

Buy a Face Mask (Protect yourself & Support Small Business)

The elSage Shop just got in a very basic face mask in cute colors.

Isola Handmade (link to website) is selling handmade masks for $10. Kali is a Valley Made Market vendor from Anacortes, Washington. 

Ponderosa Creative (link to website) is also selling handmade masks for $12. Paige is a Valley Made Market vendor from Olympia, Washington. 

Photo by Ponderosa Creative.

Bandana Mask

Steps to create your own DIY Bandana Mask (instructions provided by the CDC):

Fold the bandana in half

Fold the top down, fold the bottom up (it should now be in thirds)

Place rubber bands about 6 inches apart

Fold each side to the middle and tuck

Put on your DIY mask

Make your own masks

Here is the link to CDC Mask ideas with easy to follow instructions (there are sew and no-sew versions) Click here!

Phoebe has been using this pattern/tutorial (with the recycled t-shirt "yarn" as ties)

JoAnn Fabrics has launched a “Make to Give” mask site dedicated to making homemade masks. So far over 77 million masks have been donated to help keep medical personnel on the front lines of the pandemic safe. On this site there are free video resources, patterns, and several DIY mask tutorials for you to use at home. If you feel up for making and donating masks to medical personnel, click here.