· By Phoebe CarpenterEells

A Skagit Valley Saturday

This weekend is Festival of Farms in Skagit Valley. Our amazing local farms open their fields for free and show the public a rockin' good time. Here's the inside track to a great Saturday in Skagit Valley:


Head to the Anacortes Farmers Market* (this will be the last regular farmers market for elSage until 2015). Get there early to get first dibs on our sale table. Grab any veggies, baked goods, coffee, and fruit that you need- come prepared to leave with a large box of something amazing- we are truly spoiled with our access to fresh farmed goods and orchard offerings from the east side.

If you're not full from breakfast at the market,  head to Adrift for a full breakfast. This farm to table restaurant has a great selection of local eats. It's kid friendly too!


Make your way to the farms. Our favorite is Hedlin Family Farm. Make a corn cobb car, get your first pumpkin of the season, take a hay ride tour of the farm, ride a pony, dance to the band. You could really spend all day at Hedlin. There are tons of farms to check out, see the full map here.


Lunch options (with or without kids):

Paccionis (Mount Vernon)

LaConner Brewery (LaConner)

Calle Tacos


Lunch options (sans kids):

Nell Thorn, La Conner

Porterhouse Pub, Mount Vernon

Empire Alehouse, Mount Vernon



North Sound Brewing, Mount Vernon

Tulip Valley Vineyard, Mount Vernon

*The easiest way to the Anacortes is to take the first right as you come into town on hwy 20 onto R Ave. Follow that into town and you will see signs for the market, it will be on your right.