· By Phoebe CarpenterEells

Seed Bomb Valentines

Looking for a no sugar valentine option? My boys loved helping out with messy part of this project.
First, we made our own seed bombs. See the full tutorial here. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. The short version of the process is: put a few sheets of newspaper with water in the blender and make pulp, dump that into a flour sack towel and add flower seeds. Next, squeeze out as much water as possible and then press the mixture into heart shaped silicone molds (any shape will work). Pop them out of the mold and put them on cookie racks over the fire to dry. By morning they should be all set.
I made a quick hand lettered card and printed it on heavy paper. The boys were able to color or paste a flower on the stem and then we attached a seed bomb inside a scrap of fabric by tying it through two holes punched in the card.
The seed bombs can be simply tossed into a garden or planted intentionally. When spring comes a lovely bunch of flowers will grow as a remind of your valentine treat.
Happy Valentines Day!